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Challenged Athletes Foundation
  • Position Number: 2220620
  • Location: San Diego, CA
  • Position Type: Business and Financial Management

Job Description: Business Development Associate -Grant Writer

Reports to: Sr. Director of Business Development

Overview: This role supports the Business Development department by helping secure a revenue stream through primarily grant writing and relationship building of Grant Funders, Family Foundations and Corporate Giving. This will include maintaining existing relationships along with helping the team research and build new funding sources and support the overall CAF team with writing cases, message copy, copywriting and project management of key communication pieces. Overall, the role will drive revenue to support CAF's mission to provide opportunities and support to people with physical challenges, so they can pursue active lifestyles through physical fitness and competitive athletics.

Responsibilities and Roles

Grant Writing

  • Research, manage, build, and grow existing and new third-party Grant Funders, Family Foundations and Corporate Giving relationships.

  • Set achievable goals to complete an agreed upon number of grants written per month to meet or exceed set departmental revenue goals and quotas for outside grant funding.

  • Track and manage grant funders including all submissions, reporting and meeting deadlines.

  • Build new and cultivate existing relationships to ensure this group of funders is engaged and our mission is clearly articulated.

  • Develop necessary documents, resources and other creative ways to share our program impact through well-articulated writing that aligns with each funder's initiatives and priorities.

  • Track funds coming through these sources for appropriate documentation, interim reporting, connection and appreciation by CAF.

  • Manage and track grant funding calendar with due dates for proposals and follow-up reporting as well as other deliverables.

  • Work closely with internal team members on shared relationships and partnerships to set overall strategy and execution for this revenue stream.

  • Meet or exceed grant revenue budget by fiscal year for new revenue streams.

CAF Team Support

  • Support growth of funder relationships in Key Strategic Regions (including SoCal, NorCal, Northeast and Idaho) by providing narrative templates, impact data, newsletter content and resources that will facilitate third party grant funds in those regions.

  • Assist development efforts to engage individual donors by crafting CAF's case for support and creating visual presentation templates and reports.

  • Help implement and seek new ways to support the team's role in executing CAF's strategic big picture with funder stewardship, appreciation, research and prospect management.

  • Assist with strategy, budget and operational plans for Business Development.

  • Keep updated on grant funding trends, messaging and opportunities to keep current and share interesting and relevant content to leadership and other team members.

  • Develop and organize a shared resources and toolkit that can be easily referenced and accessed for all.

  • Assist with special writing requests and projects including newsletters, blogs, and annual reports.

Skills and Abilities:

  • Be a team player to include a respectful and positive attitude, honest work ethic and ability to support the overall goals of CAF, all staff and CAF Board of Directors.

  • Always act as a professional representative of CAF both internally to all staff, volunteers and Board Members and externally to outside grant funders, donors, corporate partners, fundraisers, suppliers, volunteers and all third-party constituents that you interact with.

  • Must be able to work in multi-task environment with ability to prioritize and handle multiple tasks concurrently with responsible follow-through. Ability to be flexible and ability to manage unexpected circumstances or changes.

  • To be conscience and detail oriented internally and externally in regard to all work, e-mail correspondence, communications, correspondence, direct mail and any piece of work that has the CAF name associated to it. This includes thoughtful presentation of the message, correct use of inclusive disability terminology (or eagerness to learn), sensitivity to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion language, correct use of spelling and grammar, no slang, profanity or questionable content.

  • To work efficiently and meet deadlines or when that is not possible, to effectively communicate prior to missing deadlines why they need to be extended and to set new target dates for completion.

  • Must work some weekends and attend relevant events, activations, program offerings and other as agreed upon.

  • Commit to professional growth and business networking to keep current and active in the community with trends, competitors and constituents that are in the CAF marketplace.

  • Must adhere to all office policies and procedures as listed in the Employee Handbook.


  • A Bachelor's degree is required -preferably in English, Linguistics or Business along with relevant coursework and work experience -ideally non-profit grant writing.

  • Strong writing skills with the ability to create concise and thoughtful narratives. Must be grammatically sound and show consistency in written work.

  • Must possess excellent communication and presentation skills with a proficiency in business writing.

  • Adept, confident and proven in multi-tasking, entrepreneurial non-profit or business environment.

  • High level of proficiency with MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point, Keynote Outlook, Salesforce database, CRM and other software programs/technology needed to perform job functions. Possess ability to quickly learn new software and technology.

To Apply

  • All applicants are required to provide their salary requirements when submitting a cover letter and resume to

  • Please provide any professional writing samples that you feel best demonstrates your writing ability -grant proposal, appeal or comparable writing sample.

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